Online Marketing News this Week – 3rd Apr 2012

Share to Reddit is de-indexed by Google has admitted that the majority of its pages have been de-indexed by Google. There is much speculation about how many other similar sites have been hit. That Google is very much on their case can no longer be called speculation.

@danthies ah, glad you noticed that. Good to see at… that it’s on peoples’ radar that they’re on our radar. :) — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) March 15, 2012

As Barry Schwartz at search engine round table says:

There are rumors that other networks have also been hit but none have come out saying so, outside of What is funny is that they said, “in our wildest dreams, there’s no way we could have imagined this happening.” And I am thinking, wow – people really think this will work in the long run?

So, if link networks and other scalable shortcuts and programmes are the basis for your link building.  In 2012.  What are you thinking?

Google Tweet a Panda Refresh

Reportedly tweeted by Matt Cutts himself and the first announcement of its kind made via twitter, there are interesting discussions going on about the effects of the refresh and whether or not it is actually Panda related!

Layoffs at Yahoo!

Kara Swisher at AllThingsD reports on plans to layoff  thousands of staff at Yahoo!

Facebook plans to improve its search capabilities

Internal search is notoriously bad on Facebook and they appear to be making a big effort to make improvements. Bloomberg Business Week look into the possibility that they will eventually move into the global search market.

Google in trouble over privacy again

There have been many high-profile cases against Google on privacy issues, particularly in Europe. Now a Tokyo court has ruled against Google and demanded that they delete certain terms from their auto-complete. The case was brought by a Japanese lawyer who claims he lost his job and failed his subsequent applications because the Google auto-complete was associating his name with a series of criminal acts of which he had no knowledge. Google is refusing to be bound by Japanese law. From the Japan Times:

Before turning to the court last October, the man asked Google to delete certain words from the feature. Google refused on the grounds that the suggested words were being selected mechanically, not intentionally, and thus do not violate his privacy, the lawyer said.

This must surely be the cop-out of all cop-outs.

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