SEO Training Day in Dublin – April 19th 2012

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This is just a quick note to let readers of the blog know that we are running a training day in Dublin on April 19th 2012 at the Burlington.

It’s a one-day training course covering the fundamentals of SEO.  What that means in practice is that we start from the basics but cover some pretty advanced concepts through the day.  Helping participants form the foundation of their SEO strategy.  That includes touching on areas like content planning, content marketing and social media.

If you have a strong interest, you could do this course as a beginner.  If you have some experience with SEO, it will still be very worthwhile.

The course is suitable for site owners wanting to do their own SEO, or those who may choose to work with sub-contractors but need a better understanding to get that right.  It would also be suitable for designers or coders who understand the importance of SEO and the need to build it into projects early.

Learn Tactics Relevant for 2012

In 2012, things are moving in the search world, particularly with Google.  Many sites and most contractors are still chasing last year’s ranking factors and aren’t doing themselves any favours.

Book or Find Out More

You can find more details of the training day and an outline of the course content is available on request.  Click here for more details.

You can of course contact us by all the usual means, if you have any questions.

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