Online Marketing News This Week – 20th Aug 2010

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Astute readers will no doubt have noticed that our weekly online marketing digest has, so far, not been weekly.  I’ll have to work on that. 

In the meantime, here is some of the online marketing news that caught my eye over the last couple of weeks.

Twitter users are highly active across the social web

This should hardly be surprising.  What might surprise you given the level of hype surrounding Twitter is that hardly anyone uses it.   Well, hardly anyone might be a bit harsh, eMarketer puts the figure at 14.6% of Internet users.  What you need to be aware of though is that Twitter users are disproportionally active on the web.  They are highly active across social media and are considerably more likely to blog etc.   What this means in Internet Marketing terms is that Twitter users control content, links and social media influence to a much greater level than non Twitter users.

What should Google do with your data?

Google’s been doing some soul searching about what it should do with the reams of information it has gathered about you.  What are the best ways to use your preferences to improve your experience of the web, to better target contextual advertising at you etc?  And at what point does the massive invasion of privacy involved in gathering swathes of data about everything you do online become too much?  The Wall Street Journal had a great piece on it.

Twitter launches official tweet button

Spurred on by social sharing tools from Facebook and others, Twitter has launched it’s own sharing buttons for adding to your site.  Not everyone is happy though.

Google CEO talks privacy and Facebook

Eric Schmidt made the mainstream news this week, indicating that the volume of information users of sites like Facebook were making publicly available might force them to change their names to get some privacy back.  This is quite ironic from the company that scrapes all that information and indexes it just to ensure that stuff most of us thought we were sharing with friends is available to anyone who searches.

Facebook Places

Facebook launches Facebook Places but I think that is going to need a post all to itself.

Don’t take the next bit too seriously:

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