Spreading Your Message Through Social Media

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I came across an interview yesterday that I thought I would share.  The Art & Science of Spreading Your Online Content With Special Guest Jay Baer is a post from The Rise to the Top, a site I think I’ll be checking out again after this one. 


This interview with Jay Baer of Convince and Convert goes on for a while so I’d advise a cup of coffee.  Jay describes himself as “… a tequila-loving, hype-free social media strategy consultant” and in this interview he delivers. 

With so many Social Media experts out there who don’t remember the world before Facebook, never mind the world before Google, it is great to hear someone who can put Social Media in it’s proper context.  Another of many evolutions in marketing on the Internet.  Not a silver bullet and not a replacement for what we have learned before but just one more important change.

“If you are a hospital, you need to be talking about Diabetes not Endochrinology”

Speaking the language of those you wish to attract is an important lesson that applies in Email marketing, SEO and Social Media alike.  You’ll hear it preached on this blog often.  A hospital could easily feel it has nothing to say or talk about endochrinology and interest nearly no-one.  But you can take the same expertise, think about the language your market use and suddenly you are talking about Diabetes instead.  See the difference?

Anyway.  The interview has lots of interesting stuff on creating and using content through different channels and looking at those processes strategically.  Jay also talks about the slow process of building his own blog and community which is well worth listening to if you run a small service business.

P.S.  I had no more idea what endochrinology means than you probably do so I looked it up.  It has to do with the endochrine system and hormones and diabetes is a related condition.

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