Keyword Expansion

Expand Your Campaign to Get More Visitors

Keyword expansion is a project designed specifically for people with active, profitable, campaigns.  One of the most common flaws in successful campaigns is that they tend to target too few keywords.  Expanding the base of keywords in a profitable campaign while maintaining relevance is a skill that can deliver even more visitors and even more sales for your business.

Most owner managed campaigns tend to target a limited list of terms.  Often this list is somewhere in the range of 10 - 40 keywords.  Typically, this list should be in the hundreds or thousands in a properly run campaign.

If you currently run a campaign that delivers visitors and sales for your site at a profitable cost, think what it would do if you could double that traffic.    Keyword Expansion will look to dramatically expand the number of keywords in your campaign while maintaining incremental costs.  It is a product designed to create traffic that pays for itself.

Keyword Expansion is a limited intervention allowing a once off, short term, involvement from us to give your campaign a shot in the arm with long term results.

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