Google Adwords Setup

Set Your Campaign up Right and Reap the Benefits

Proper setup of your Adwords campaign can make huge savings for your business.  DIY campaigns tend to have a single ad and very few keywords which are over broad.  This setup can run through your money quite quickly (broad terms often have high traffic) without much benefit to show (broad terms often include searchers not looking for what you offer) and at high cost (these broad terms often have high bid prices).

A professionally established campaign will generate a much larger set of terms which is broken down into subsets.  It will involve targeting specific terms that are truly relevant to your offering and writing specific ads to increase relevance and clickthroughs.  It will involve monitoring both the traffic generated and the sales you make from that traffic so you can tell which terms are valuable to you.

Google's ad display system is designed to show only relevant ads and to reward advertiser quality.  By optimising ad copy, landing page quality and keyword targeting, you will get more views and visitors at a lower cost than a generic setup.  You may save €0.10 or €0.20 or €0.50 per visitor and over even a few hundred visitors a month, this amounts to serious savings that will more than pay for investing at this stage.

Our Adwords Setup process will take place over the first two months of your campaign and costs €350.  It covers the following areas.

  • Identify the goals of the campaign
  • Keyword research - Find related terms, analyse competitor terms, assess search intent to find buying terms etc.
  • Ad grouping and campaign grouping to allow proper targeting and reporting
  • Create and test ads
  • Relevant landing pages
  • Appropriate match types
  • Set up monitoring to allow conversion tracking

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