Link Building

The Fuel That Runs Your SEO Engine

Link building is a cornerstone of any sound SEO strategy in the current climate.  Links are used by search engines, and particularly Google, to determine a number of signals that affect the rankings for your pages.

Links to your pages are like votes for your content.  The basic assumption made by Google and other search engines is that the more votes your content has, the more likely it is to be good.  In simple terms then, the more links you have the more likely you are to rank well.

Search engines are smarter than this though.  Links are votes but not all votes are equal.  Links from more important pages and sites will pass more weight to your site.  This is all stuff that any SEO can tell you.  But links do much more than this.

Links deliver signals that help search engines with several different sets of information.  Links help determine relevancy to particular terms and topic areas.  Links help the search engines establish trust in your site.  Links help establish what documents are considered to be expert within a topic area.  Links help the search engines determine topic neutral page importance.  They give signals to the search engines that affect what you should rank for, how high up you should rank, how likely your page is to be spam and how often the search engine should crawl your site and how many pages are likely to be worth looking at.

We tend to take on link building in co-operation with the client and as part of custom SEO projects.  We are happy to give advice and help with directory submissions and other basic link building strategies.  Once you get beyond these into real link building campaigns you are talking about a process of assessing possible link targets, planning content to appeal and executing the delivery of that content.  At its best this is a process that will involve the client in a very hands on manner and not something that you simply farm out to be delivered by consultants.

Links deliver many signals to the search engines that feed into your rankings.  We perform competitive analysis of your site's link profile to identify which elements of your linkage are strong or weak and where best to concentrate your efforts to maximise improvements in your search engine positions.  We then work with you on strategies that can help grow the links you need to improve your positions.

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