Small Business SEO Site Assessments - €450

What You Need to Change to Improve Your Rankings

Many websites suffer in the search engines because of basic setup flaws in their site, poor structure or an inability to demonstrate relevance clearly to the search engines. Most of the sites that we see on a daily and weekly basis exhibit one or more forms of barrier technology and miss key best practices for signalling relevance to the search engines.

Small Business SEO Site Assessments consider common barriers that negatively affect your potential to gain search engine traffic. They examine how your site and page content reflect the target terms you have provided us. The assessment also considers key on-page factors that will determine your site's ability to rank.

We will report on these issues and provide advice on what factors need to be improved for your pages to rank better..

The Small Business SEO Site Assessment will include a written report on your site status detailing suggested changes and will also include telephone consultation to review the suggested changes and ensure that you properly understand where your Search Engine Optimisation stands and what is needed to move it along.

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