Full Scale SEO Site Audits

Google takes more than 200 factors into account when it decides where to rank your web content for individual searches.  With more than 200 signals (of varying importance) at play across every page and each query, getting the rankings you need can come down to small margins and detailed knowledge.

It is not unusual for sites to build and gain search results but for SEO efforts to plateau short of ideal results.  This is going to happen even to sites that are well run and who pay real attention to their SEO.  It is in precisely these situations that an external view that brings experience and a detailed analysis of all factors can point the way.

Before considering a full-scale audit you are very likely to have done considerable SEO work and perhaps even hired external consultants.  You will probably already have strong indications of the value of traffic that is available if you can get the rankings.

All of our SEO Audits are custom projects and are tailored to the requirements of the individual customer.  They utilise proprietary tools and analysis with a view to providing a clear understanding of your site's strengths and weaknesses in order to set out a medium term strategy to meet your goals.

SEO Audits typically cover core elements such as those outlined below:

Site assessment

This predominantly technical analysis looks at the setup and structure of your site to ensure that it is search engine ready.

Keyword research

Extensive keyword research is performed to determine what people are searching for in your market.  Consideration is given not just to search volume but to analysing search intent and assessing the value of keywords which may come from direct conversions or other business goals.

Surface content analysis

If you want Google to rank your site, then you need to satisfy the needs of searchers.  To do that you will need content.  Content planning and delivery that can serve visitors and attract links are key elements in SEO strategy.  Our initial content analysis considers existing content on your site, the likely requirements for content in terms of ranking and available resources for re-tasking or generating content that can help with your SEO.  

Surface competitive analysis

This will seem obvious but to rank near the top of the results means ranking above your competition.  What is required to get near the top of the results then is dramatically affected by the volume of competition you face in the search results and by the strategies and tactics employed by your competition.  Competitive analysis considers both the level of competition that your site faces and some of the strengths and weaknesses that the competition exhibits.  Competitive analysis is vital to the task of formulating an effective SEO strategy but also to identifying opportunities on a more tactical level.

Inbound link analysis

So much of modern search engine rankings relies on links.  Link analysis is a complex area that needs to go way beyond looking at the volume of inbound links.  We analyse the backlink profile of your site and that of key competitors with a view to determining current strengths and weaknesses and to inform the development of link building strategies that can move your website up the search engine rankings.

SEO site audits are custom projects and pricing will depend on the particulars agreed with each customer.  Typically such projects would start from €1750 +VAT.

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