Your Website Should Cost You NOTHING

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I should be clear about this from the start.  I am not saying that your website should be FREE.  If you are looking for FREE, you are probably in the wrong place.  Your website should be cost neutral.  Indeed, it should go way beyond that.  Your website should make money, not cost money. 

How Your Website Should Make You Money

The Internet puts more detailed tracking and analysis at your finger tips.  You can measure the leads or sales generated from your site.  You can measure where they came from.  You can tell exactly how much money you are making and where it came from.  So, you can expand what works and change what doesn’t. 

Your website should make you money.  Anything you do to market your website should make you money.  Your Adwords campaign should create profit.  Your SEO should create profit.  Your social media should create profit.  If they don’t, then find out why and change something.

Your website is probably one of the most important marketing opportunities you have.  It should make you money.

If you are thinking about investing in your website or your online marketing and you don’t know what the upside is, STOP.  You should have an upside in mind.  Your website or your online marketing plan should be designed to achieve that.  Whatever you are considering, it should add value to your business.

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