The Perfect Search Engine

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When it comes to marketing we are regularly advised to think like our customers. When it comes to online marketing we also need to think like a search engine. Google, the most important search engine, states its aim to be able to think (and therefore respond) like a searcher. So thinking like an online customer and thinking like a search engine should become closer and closer to being the same.

I remember well the number of things that now seem obvious that I had never thought of before I started thinking about search properly. When you are designing a marketing campaign or an SEO campaign or a Pay Per Click campaign you begin to think about what customers are looking for and what words they will use in order to find it. At that point a whole world opens.

The people who know most about this are the ones who design search engines. This makes them think and think hard about how people approach the task of looking for things on the Internet. It means thinking about the obvious. That is so often the hardest thing. We assume the obvious is what we already think. Try setting up a Pay Per Click campaign and monitor the difference between the keywords you thought would find you buyers and the reality.

At the Search Insider Summit last month Adam Goldman chaired a panel on the subject of the Perfect Search Engine. This is a 45 minute video of the discussion. It gives a great insight into the ways search engineers are thinking. Perhaps the most important part of it for online businesses is the section on ranking factors.

If some of it seems impenetrable then I recommend an excellent article by George Michie at Search Engine Land: How Would You Create The Perfect Search Engine

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  1. Thank you for this video. I give the link to my SEO ‘frenchy’ friends ;)