SEO Tip #1 – Build a Better Website

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Right.  When you come to the SEO Tips section of your local online marketing blog you probably aren’t expecting “Build a Better Website”.  No Doubt, you want the little tips and tricks that make the SEO magic happen.

You’ve got a site, it’s down on the third page for a couple of your important keywords and you just want to know how to “tag” it so it comes number one in Google?

That’s grand.  If you are in a fairly uncompetitive space there might even be some tips that will help with that.  But I’m starting with this tip cause I’m hoping it helps make clear what is actually important.

Build a Better Website

To be clear.  I don’t mean re-design.  I’m saying build a better website not build a better looking website.  Take a look at your site and take a look at your competition in the search results and ask yourself:

  • What makes my site the best resource on this subject?
  • What makes my site useful or interesting to visitors?
  • Why would someone talk about my site and what would they say?

You want to be number one so ask yourself, is this the best site available?  If you don’t rank it number one (or somewhere close) then why should Google?

You can use SEO tips and tricks to improve your rankings but I’m suggesting here that you look at the long-term.

Thousands of visitors a month to your website are worth thousands of euro a month to even a small business.  That’s thousands of euros worth of sales every month, so it’s well worth looking at the long-term.

Google’s job is to find the best matches available in answer to the query the visitor entered in that little search box on their site.  They are putting millions of dollars and millions of man hours into improving their ability to find the best sites.

How much of your strategy do you want to base on fooling them that your site is better than it is?

My suggestion for this tip is this.  Google are probably smarter than you.  They are looking for the best site.  So put some genuine effort and thought into what might make your site better for visitors.

Your SEO and online marketing will benefit greatly when their job is to get across the positive aspects of a genuinely great site rather than drag people to a worse than average one.

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5 Responses to “SEO Tip #1 – Build a Better Website”

  1. says:

    Number 1 SEO Tip – Build a Better Website!…

    The single best thing you can do for your Search Engine Optimization today would be to figure out how to make your site a better resource. If you can figure out how and why, you’ll make your Internet Marketing soooooo much easier….

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  4. alexa says:

    very good tips for building a Website and how a Website should be. My tips is before building a Website , purchase the right domain with related to keywords and this will make you more resource and the domain website load, website design , meta tags , description and keywords are more important resource for building a website… thanks for sharing this with us….

  5. seofirst says:

    Great stuff! Website should be user friendly and designed as per SEO norms. Proper research of keywords and market research is compulsory before investing money into a business. Thanks for sharing great information.