SEO, Spellcasting and Snake Oil Salesmen

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What do SEO and casting spells have to do with each other?  Well SEOs often seem to suggest that what we do is magic and those looking to learn SEO (or buy SEO services) get caught up in that notion too.  What you are looking for is an easy way out.  A shortcut.  Results without the effort.  To win the race without training or even running it.

Want something really badly?  Want someone to love you?  Simple.  Cast a spell. 

Maybe you don’t know how but that’s no problem.  You can find out how to do anything on the Internet these days:

If you are constantly looking for shortcuts in your SEO.  If you want the results of top search positions and the traffic they bring without any effort or involvement, you are taking the “Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble” approach to SEO.

There are tools that will help you with your SEO.  There are some fairly simple processes that your website will benefit from, particularly if you haven’t done much SEO or there are fundamentals that are wrong. 

It’s important to understand though, that the long-term success of your website will not be achieved without effort and possibly cost.  Cheap services will tend to generate cheap results with short-term or no benefit.  Today’s amazing link opportunity to build backlinks fast with zero effort will make you tomorrow’s “Why did Google penalise my site?” post on your favourite forum.

The motivation to find an easy way out. To get what I want with no effort. It has its risks.

It took me less than 5 minutes to go online and find out how to cast spells.  In the same time, I can find no end of simplistic advice on how to do SEO easy, cheap and get results fast. I’d expect about the same success rate for both.

All that time I spend researching how to cast my spells, focussing on what I really want, buying my candles and incense and casting my spells.  Then the time I spend re-working them to figure out what I got wrong the first time.  What if I didn’t waste that time looking for a shortcut?  What if I just did the work to get what I want the hard way? 

I think I’d have more success and it might not even be as tough as I thought.

Would You Hire This Girl to do Your SEO?

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4 Responses to “SEO, Spellcasting and Snake Oil Salesmen”

  1. says:

    SEO, Spellcasting and Snake Oil Salesmen…

    Want to know how to do SEO easy? How to get 1,000s of one-way links to your site with only 20 minutes of time invested? Want to know how to cast a love spell? You can find all this advice on YouTube and it’s about equally useful….

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Alastair

    While I know there’s no magic in SEO, it does take constant application, and keeping up with change which seems to be every other minute these days.

    I agree that chasing shortcuts is false economy, half the time you don’t even know if you’re getting the right information.

    You have to make the decision to either put in the time to learn it properly yourself, or pay someone that really knows the ropes and can deliver you results.

    No I wouldn’t trust Ms Witchypoo with my SEO, not in a heartbeat.

  3. SiteStream SEO says:

    Hi Jackie

    Thanks for commenting.

    Constant application is the key alright and an honest commitment to quality over tricks. Those few high trust links will outweigh the 1,000s of crap ones offered by whatever the new traffic system that spams all our emails will provide.

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