Online Marketing This Week – July 24th

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Ok, so I missed a week.  Shoot me. 

What’s going on that will affect the great marketplace that is the web?

Here are a couple of stories I picked out from the last week or so.

Facebook Flops, Google Drops
American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has added a new social media category and Facebook is scoring surprisingly low given its success.  Facebook received an ACSI score of 64, significantly below the average of the new Social Media category (70).

Interestingly, while Google remains top among the major search engines with an ACSI score of 80, they have fallen 6 points.  Bing debuts with a score of 77, above Yahoo at 76.  The study is from Foresee Results.  There was some useful commentary on it from Search Engine Land.

Bing Powered Results Begin to Show in Yahoo
Yahoo and Bing continue the transition to the search partnership that will see Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) powering the results on Yahoo.  This week saw the first reports of Bing results appearing in Yahoo searches.

Here are some updates from Yahoo on the transition.

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