Online Marketing News this Week – 9th Sept 2011

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Bing and Twitter announce extension of deal

Twitter and Bing have announced that they are extending their deal which allows Bing to use Twitter information to inform its search results. The announcement was publicised by Twitter in an ‘aw shucks’ style Twitter exchange:


The relationship between Twitter and Google on the other hand seems to have gone somewhat cool. There, at the moment, no sign of a similar deal and neither company is commenting.

Google testing up to 6 sitelinks in Ads

eCommerce circle is reporting that Google are testing the use of up to 6 sitelinks per ad in Google AdWords.

The Google help center is saying the following:

“If a user search triggers your ad to run with Sitelinks, our system may include up to six of your additional links on your ad, along with the main landing page link. The higher the quality of your ad, the more likely Sitelinks may be able to run on that ad.”

Sitelinks allows you to use a range of landing pages within your site which can be targeted at specific searches. Google clearly intends to use them as another way to reward what they think of as higher quality ads. Careful targeting of your ad groups at tightly controlled sets of keywords becomes ever more important.

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