Online Marketing News this Week – 30th Sept 2011

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Google + gains more than 10 million users in first two days after going public.

Paul Allen has been watching Google + closely and published his results at 

“…… is clear that Google+ is absolutely exploding — 30% growth in just 2 days and with a base of nearly 30 million members already.”

Facebook have been making many changes to their user interface, changes which, according to Mashable, are hated by 72% of Facebook users. This is not encouraging for Facebook, although, there is no sign of a mass exodus.

‘Site Health’ added to Google Webmaster Tools home page.

From the home page of Webmaster Tools you will now have access to a site health report. Issues covered are:

  • when malware has been detected
  • when important pages have been removed via Google’s URL removal tool
  • when important pages are blocked in the robots.txt file

According to Google, “important pages” are defined by the number of clicks that pages get; They are considering adding other factors in the future. They also say they hope to expand the health check beyond the three issues stated.

Bing are breeding a Tiger to speed up their searches

Bing and Microsoft engineers have been working on a new index serving platform, called ‘Tiger’ for the search engine. Incorporation of the new technology began in August and is expected to take a year to complete globally. With the new index-serving technology, Bing aims to deliver more relevant results, faster. Danny Goodwin, at Search Engine Watch notes the similarity with Google’s ‘Caffeine’ update which aimed to increase search speeds by 50% at the same as improve accuracy.

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