Online Marketing News this Week – 28th Oct 2011

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Google introduce Dynamic Search Ads to AdWords

According to Google, 16% of searches that occur each day have never seen before. Apart from this startling fact, many on-line businesses make regular changes to their inventory. It can be hard to keep even a fully managed AdWords campaign up to date and searches can be missed. Dynamic Search addresses this issue by generating search relevant ads directly from website content. Your existing keyword-targeted ads take precedence but if it looks like you will miss a relevant ad view, Dynamic Search can generate an ad for you. Google say that early results in their beta testing are very positive.

We haven’t had a chance to check Dynamic Search out yet. The question is going to be does Google controlling what my ads view for increase or decrease my ROI? It’s never helped in the past but let’s see.

Does Google think SEO is spam?

Answer: No!

Spamming is spam. Some SEOs indulge in spamming techniques.

Search engine results provide potential benefit to businesses. Businesses will always look to maximize that benefit. Some will become expert and use their expertise to help others. SEO is born. Some tension between Search Engines and SEOs is inevitable and necessary. Listen to Matt’s outline of good SEO and you’ll hear it touch on all aspects of organic traffic strategy. Conversion, usability, return on investment. Without SEO, most of the Internet would still be unintelligible to search engines.

There’s a lesson here if you are buying SEO services. Some companies will find out about your business and look to map out a strategic approach to attracting traffic that will make you money. They will look to cover many of the areas that Matt mentions in his video and more. Others will give you a cookie cutter proposal when you ask them how much to get you to the top of Google. Which of these is more likely to engage in what Google considers spam?

PS Matt: for “Snake Oil Salesmen” see: SEO, Spellcasting and Snake Oil Salesmen

Mashable reports Twitter growth spurred on by Apple iOS 5

Twitter has reached 100 million active users and 250 million tweets per day. Their growth this year has been extraordinary and the integration of Twitter in Apple’s iOS 5 has given the company another big boost. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costello, Twitter signups via iOS 5 devices have tripled since the launch of that iOS update.

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines leaked

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines (Updated version) were leaked last week and not for the first time. You can probably still dig up a link to the PDF if you search Google for it.

Class action law suit against YELP dismissed

Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of YELP writes:

“Last year, a few small businesses from among the 20 million or so in the United States filed misguided lawsuits against Yelp alleging that we reward or penalize businesses based on whether they advertised with Yelp. Nothing could be further from the truth; our automated system applies the same objective criteria to all reviews regardless of a business’s advertiser status. (Just check a Yelp advertiser’s business page — I bet they have a negative review or two; after all, you just can’t please everyone all the time.)”

StumbleUpon reaches 20 million members

StumbleUpon proudly announce reaching 20 million members. They now have 1,000 stumbles per second at peak times and are dealing with as many per hour as they did in the whole of their first year, 2003. StumbleUpon started as a Firefox extension ans is now available on all browsers as well as iPhones, iPads and Androids.

Google to withhold referral data for signed in searches

Google have begun withholding referral data for searches made by users who are signed in to Google. Their reasoning is that it enhances privacy for the user. Questions arise:

What makes a search term a privacy issue?

If it is a privacy issue then why is it not being addressed for paid search and all organic search?

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