Online Marketing News this Week – 26th Aug. 2011

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Google is expanding its Get Your Business Online Program

With its Get Your Business Online program, Google clearly wants to be a one stop shop for all small business online needs. The program has been active in Ireland, Austria and Canada since earlier this year. Google have now added more than 100 getonline domains to their portfolio as they expand the program in the US.

Bing Integrates Yahoo Data into Bing Webmaster Tools

From now on Bing will integrate Yahoo traffic data in many of their Webmaster Tools reports.

Steve Jobs hands over to Tim Cook at Apple

Management Direct takes a look at what makes Steve Jobs so special.

Google on the wrong side of privacy laws in Belgium

Google must consider an offer from Belgian authorities to accept a 150,000 euro fine or face a court case, higher fines and the possibility of a prison sentence. The Belgian federal prosecutor has said that Google breached national law in the collection of private data with its Street View cars.

Facebook’s Like button has been declared illegal in Schlewsing-Holstein

The Centre for Pivacy Protection in Schlewsing-Holstein, Germany,  stated that the Facebook ‘like’ plugin infringes on the Telemedia Act and the Federal Data Protection Act as Facebook transfers data back to the US.  Privacy,  the Internet and data collection is becoming an ever bigger issue. The authorities in Schlewsing-Holstein say they expect website owners to remove the button or face serious consequences.

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