Online Marketing News this Week – 14th Jan 2011

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Google add new option to their Keyword Tool to target Mobile Search

A new option in Google’s Keyword Tool will help advertisers target mobile searchers.  With use of mobile search up 130%, mobile specific advertising is becoming a must and the information provided by the keyword tool will be essential when it comes to making the jump to placing mobile ads and creating landing pages for mobile users.

Screen Shot Mobile Option in Google Keyword Tool

Bing expands into three more countries

For those who welcome competition, Bing has announced that it is now powering the Yahoo! search engine in three more countries:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

Google with only five countries to go for World Domination

Recent reports show Google becoming the largest search engine in the Czech Republic. Having been 20% behind the local at the start of 2010, good old fashioned TV advertising forced them into first place.

  • Russia (where Yandex is #1)
  • Japan (Yahoo)
  • China (Baidu)
  • Taiwan (Yahoo)
  • South Korea (Naver)

These are the remaining countries in which Google is not (yet) the market leader.  See Search Engine Land for more details.

Bing sees a increase in Search Activity

Data from Hitwise shows share of US search activity increased from 10.1% to 10.6%, with Bing powered searches increasing 25.27% to 25.77%  from November to December 2010. search activity dropped from 70.1% to 69.67%.  By the way, the same report shows Amazon’s paid search traffic increase by 51%.

One area where the competition will be fought out

Bing is showing its intent to give increasing amounts of information in their search results with further information just a click away in specially created pages which keep the user within Bing.  Initial emphasis is on the car sales industry with detailed specs appearing in the instant answers box and new and used car listings available one click away.  You are not being taken to a website but staying within Bing.  The SEO implications are wide-ranging.  If you are selling a car you are going to want it to appear on that page.

Bing Search Result for Nissan Cube

You can find more information from Bing themselves in this video from Stefan Weitz at Microsoft.  Bing aims to be able to take you through the whole process from an initial search for a model of car to contacting the dealer when, with the aid of their search filters, you find what you want.

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