Announcing Our 12 Post SEO Guide

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Over the next number of weeks we are going to run a series here on the blog that will make up our 12 Post SEO Guide

Facing decisions about marketing your website can be very difficult.  Many website owners and managers are coming to online marketing because of it’s superior ROI or because of hype about SEO or Social Media.  They are wondering how to improve but they don’t have the information they need to make a calculated decision.

We are painfully aware of the level of misinformation that is out there about SEO, from cheap scam artist SEOs to web designers or coders who don’t believe it exists to 4 year old advice on spammy tactics that don’t work but might get you in trouble. 

Most websites can benefit from the traffic that Google has to offer.  Most websites have potential to get more benefit from that channel than from any other available.  And, unfortunately, most websites will not shoot straight to number one without some attention to SEO.  So if you don’t have the budget to get professional SEO support, we hope that our 12 Post SEO Guide will get you started.

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